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What makes a good deck building company? Part One

Posted on December 27, 2013 in Blog

Building a home

… or making additions to your home is a very large undertaking. After all even if you are only building a deck for summer fun or outdoor parties, you still want the job to be done well. Outdoor decks should be both beautiful and functional, having one without the other leads to great disappointment. Securing the right contractor, or builder is essential to the process. For something this important you don’t want to hire just anyone. There are some simple steps you should take before choosing your deck builder.

Deck building project

requires a detailed plan for the builder to follow, but some experienced Chicago deck builders can help you with that design. If you are taking the time to add a deck, then you probably have some idea of what you want it to look like. A good deck builder will work with your ideas, the design of your home and the terrain, to help you to achieve the ultimate deck for your home. An outdoor deck need not be simple rectangle off of the back of your home. Deck builders in Chicago know the best way to compliment your home with the unique design, and the placement of your exterior deck.

rooftop decks chicagorooftop deck by xtreme

When choosing your contractor you should look for years of experience in the area in which you live. Outdoor decks are open to the climate, and they must be built correctly for the terrain. Having a deck builder that has years of experience of deck building in your area is a huge advantage for you. An exterior deck should be a part of your home for many years, and it should continue to be a thing of beauty and functionality for its entire life. Choosing the wrong deck builder could shorten the life span of your deck considerably.

Another thing to consider in potential contractors is their current knowledge. Like everything else in our world, the industry of deck building is an ever changing and evolving thing. New technologies that extend the life of cut wood is being introduced all the time. There are also many wood replacements that are available in the market today. Some of which would be a better choice than wood for an exterior deck material, in some areas. Truly experienced deck builders in Chicago will be up to date with these innovations, as well as others that can help make your building experience a positive one.

New treatments for wood and even concrete can extend the life of your new deck considerably. Experienced Chicago deck builders can help you with the care and maintenance of your new deck after they have built it for you. With the proper treatment and yearly maintenance your exterior deck can be the showpiece, and functional party place that it was designed to be for years to come.

Consider also, the possibility of covering your deck, or even covering only part of it, to provide both relief from the weather for the deck, and added comfort for you and your guests. A covered area can provide shade on hot sunny days, or protection from rain or snow. Adding a gazebo for a nice hot tub is also a consideration. Hot tubs are fun in any season, and with a covered gazebo to protect it and its occupants, it makes for a perfect party favor. All of these things and more, can be discussed with your deck building contractor.

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