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What Are Different Types Of Concrete For Rooftop Decks?

Posted on December 12, 2013 in Blog

outside patio and rooftop deck If you are considering replacing or building a rooftop decks concrete out of concrete, it is important to understand the different types of concrete used for such a job, as well as details and characteristics of the types of concrete. Such decks are referred to as structural concrete roof decks.

There are many types of rooftop decks concrete that are appropriate to use, however, there are two types that are used in general for this type of job. We will cover these two general types of concrete and break them down for you, for a better understanding of what will be best for your rooftop deck.

Structural Concrete Types

Light-weight Structural Concrete:

Rooftop decks constructed using this type of concrete are very similar to rooftop decks using the next type, and are approximately two-thirds of the weight of the other type. Aggregates for lightweight concrete are to be used. Included in this may be clay, shale or slate; shale is the most commonly used. It is heated to a very high temperature, and added water begins to steam and expand, giving the substance the appearance of lava. Eventually, bits of shale will begin to break.Using this type of product for a rooftop deck can handle approximately 120 pounds per square foot, and in comparison to other types, is about 80% of other brands. While this type is much lighter, it hold its’ structural integrity well, much like normal cast.
outside patio and rooftop deck

Normal Structural Concrete

This type contains not only aggregates, such as stone or gravel that is smashed, but it also contains the sand, water and Portland cement. An array of additives makes it normal structural concrete. Wire mesh or steel bars are used within the concrete for strengthening are laid out and will be inside the concrete. This will result in the rooftop desk having the capacity to hold approximately 150 pounds per square cubic foot. Be diligent and make certain you are not confusing the normal concrete with the lightweight.

There are three general types of these two types of concrete used in rooftop deck construction. The first is cast in place concrete slabs; beam and slab, as well as joist and slab are options for installation. Slab band, waffle slab, flat plate and flat slab or other options available to the customer.

Cast in place concrete roof decks has steel bands that give a very high level of strength and support; these bands are referred to as “tendons”.
These are placed in the concrete after it has been poured. The concrete cannot joint to the tendons because they are coated and covered with a resistant material. When the concrete has set, the tendons are tightened with a power jack. This type can hold a much heavier burden by far.

Precast Panels

The concrete is put into forms and allowed to set. The same type of steel bands are used, with the tension adjusted prior to the step. The tendons in this situation are not coated, and the cement is allowed to bond with the tendons. This option may eventually cause a raising in the center, due to its piece by piece construction in the elements

With these two common options detailed here for you, as well as a general breakdown of the three separate types of those, you should have a basic knowledge with which to work, and should be able to complete the project to your satisfaction.

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