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Types and Varieties of Rooftop Decks

Posted on February 12, 2014 in Blog, Exterior Remodeling

There are many different kinds of rooftop decks – most of which depend on the type of structure they are built on. They are relaxing, outdoor areas which friends and family can enjoy during warm, sunny weather.

Rooftop decks are open air patios which are constructed above another structure. If it is a personal home, this deck may be built on top of the home itself or above an attached garage, a one-story addition, or above a sun room. For families with limited yard space, it can even be built above a lower patio area for more room to gather and hold special events.

They can also be added to detached buildings such as boat houses, garages and pool houses. These areas would offer more privacy to the occupants as they are further away from mainstream activities in the living areas and kitchens.

Advantages to having a rooftop deck can include gaining a spectacular view and extra seasonal living space. Second or third floor occupants may gain a private balcony if it is constructed for specific upper room access.

Some high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums boast rooftop decks as one of their many amenities offered to occupants. These are shared facilities where tenants can gather and enjoy each others’ company as well as get some much-needed sunshine and fresh air. Often the areas can be reserved for special gatherings and events.

The railings added to these decks vary greatly. Some are just a part of the existing house structure. Other materials used can be simple or ornate wrought iron, wood, brick or stone.

Accessories and furnishings can include tables, umbrellas, cushioned sofas and chairs, a hot tub, various types of lighting, and even built-in bars, swimming pools and fireplaces. In locations where the sun beats relentlessly down at specific times of the day, sections of the deck can be covered with canvas awnings, sheet metal roofing or simple wood slats.

Green living enthusiasts can even grow their own foods in containers on these rooftop paradises. Fresh flowers, for outdoor decor or indoor cuttings, will also thrive in large pots and planters in this sunny and open area.

A home with a rooftop patio has much more versatility and personality. The events which can be held in these open-air areas can create memories for your family for years to come. Adding a structure such as this to your house will add both value and interest.

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