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Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Posted on October 13, 2010 in Blog, Chicago Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

There are several small kitchen-remodeling ideas worth considering. A small kitchen needs design to fit a family’s individual need where the size can actually be an asset. If designed correctly it can be efficient, saving time and steps when preparing meals. The versatility of a small kitchen incorporates the design, together with the personal choice that will result in convenience.

As a remodeling company in the Chicago area, we are familiar with small kitchens. Most of them need remodel to be practical, and arranged into a step saving design. One option is to add an island. An island makes it simple to place the stove, refrigerator, sink and counter space in such a way that you barely have to take a step to prepare a meal.

When doing a renovation, the island kitchen design can add more counter space and cabinet storage. An island can serve as a dining area, stove and range enclosure, or sink area. It can provide more counter and storage space. An island can fit into any small kitchen design you might want. As a construction company in the city and suburbs of Chicago, we are a space conscious remodeling company.

If the existing kitchen is an open design, you can gain more counter and storage space by installing a bar between the kitchen and the adjoining room. A bar can utilize the area you have to work with, just like an island.

The cost of remodeling will vary depending on several factors. Kitchen remodeling can be done relatively cheap or very extravagant. The amount you want to put into your project is your choice. The major determining factors are the design itself, how much time it takes to achieve it, the price of any supplies, and new appliances if desired. The longer a remodeling project takes the higher the renovation price will be.

The only thing you need to do to remodel your small kitchen is to contact us. You tell us what you want and we will give you a free estimate. If desired, we will offer design suggestions and cost saving solutions to save you steps and money. There is no remodeling or new construction job too big or too small. They all receive the same attention and dedication, so contact us for a free estimate.


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