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Rooftop deck construction chicago

Posted on March 11, 2010 in Blog, Chicago Remodeling
CHICAGO is really big city but at the same time is one of the most crowded in USA. Most of the time the back yards are the only privets green places which we have, but have you ever think about using extra space on top of you garage by building rooftop deck? You can also use you roof on top of your  house to build the rooftop deck, Chicago is a great place to take a adventure of Rooftop decks constructions. The reason is simple you not taking any extra space away from your yards you just growing up  using existing space which is already used.  Also the rooftop decks are one of the most overlooked types of decks in Chicago area.

At the same time you can ask yourself what better location is there to take advantage of wonderful views from rooftop deck???

Nowadays, roof top decks have become a big selling point for city homes around Chicago. They have become one of the first things people bring up when they are looking to buy a home in urban areas also adding rooftop deck to your home you adding value to you houes.


There are some examples of ROOFTOP DECKS in Chicago done by XTREME REMODELING !!!

rooftop deck chicago


roof top deck 1rooftopdeck (2)roof top deck 1 (2)


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