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Remodeling Chicago Suburbs

Posted on July 21, 2010 in Blog

Home renovations throughout the country, including remodeling Chicago suburbs are on the upswing. Due to the country’s current economical strains, homeowners are finding it extremely cost effective and financially beneficial to invest in renovations as opposed to relocating.

Our construction company provides a superior quality remodeling and renovation services to all its customers throughout the Chicago suburbs. Whether your project is a small upgrade or an extensive renovation project we will work with you in pricing construction materials to optimize your remodeling budget. Our construction experts guarantee quality workmanship. We strive to work with you in achieving your total home improvement satisfaction.
If you have been considering energy efficient improvements to your home, now is the right time. With the Federal Government’s Tax Credit Incentive Program you can realize a 30% savings up to $1,500 in federal tax credits for installing energy-efficient windows and doors, cooling and heating systems, as well as insulation and roofs. This program is effective through December 31, 2010. Act now, not to miss out on this savings opportunity.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important amenities in any home. The Chicago areas’ older and historical homes lend themselves to kitchen and bathroom renovations. Updated plumbing and electrical project increase your homes function and gives your property value the most bang for its buck. Even smaller remodeling jobs such as new cabinets, countertops or closets can give your kitchen and bathroom new eye appeal and increased convenience. Real estate and decorating specialist alike will tell you combining classic and modern elements are the way to go.
As families grow, most often, so does the need for additional living and storage space. Renovating unused or neglected basements, attics and garages can provide that much needed space. Taking advantage of that unused exterior space with a new deck or porch gives you a spacious option for endless hours of quality family time. You may be surprised at how much constructing additional storage space helps put organization into your life.
Low maintenance exterior cladding such as vinyl siding or hardi board increases your home’s value substantially and adds outstanding curb appeal. Vinyl siding is the most cost effective exterior improvement you can make to your home. It also saves you endless amounts of time on upkeep and maintenance.
Additionally remodeling to your specifications creates a living space that is uniquely you. It makes your house your home; it puts your personality, your individuality, your character into your living space.
Contact us today to receive your free estimate without any further obligation. Our professional contractors can also provide you with some remodeling tips and ideas that will assist you in pricing construction materials and planning your next home improvement project.
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