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Increase Your Home Size by Building a Rooftop Deck

Posted on January 26, 2014 in Blog

One of the best ways to increase your home size when you do not have much property to work with is by adding a rooftop deck. This will allow you to expand your living conditions and be able to entertain your guests outdoors. Living in an urban area, the rooftop deck could be your only possibility to enjoy the outdoors. Before you begin this project there are a few things you have to consider. Making certain that your home can accommodate the new structure is vital, as well as choosing the right vegetation and outdoor furniture. Here are a few tips to consider when increasing your home size by building a rooftop deck.

The Structural Integrity
Before you even begin to consider adding that deck to the roof, consult with an engineer to make certain that your home can support all that additional weight. In addition to the deck itself, there will be furniture, plants, and many people up there. If the load bearing walls are unable to support the structure, consider having your existing supports strengthened to be able to support the deck with no issues.

Choosing the Right Materials
Choosing the right type of material to make the decking is important. Most new materials are treated to withstand the elements, it really is a matter of choice. Whether you choose a plastic or wood material, be sure that the deck is slightly graded to allow for the rain and snow to properly drain off.

Picking the Right Vegetation
One of the ways that you can transform the look of your new deck is by adding beautiful plants, bushes, and flowers. This area will be high up as compared to plants and bushes you would have in your yard, so consider a few things before you begin. When severe wind storms hit the area, you do not want a bunch of planters that can easily get blown off the roof and cause damage to you home or your neighbors.

Consider planters heavy enough that can not be easily moved by heavy winds. One other thing to consider is vegetation that does not require large amounts of water. Plants that can handle excessive sunlight with low levels of watering work best in this type of outdoor setting.

Your Rooftop Furniture
The furniture can often make the deck. This is something you should consider carefully before purchasing. The most important feature of your deck furniture is that it can withstand the elements. Nothing looks worse than faded and weathered outdoor furniture. Consider having benches built as part of the deck, and then you can simply purchase weatherproof cushions to put down for the guests.

When you have free standing chairs or tables, they should always be bolted or chained to the deck to avoid them getting blown off in a storm. If you are having the benches built as part of the deck, see if you can incorporate planters in the corners. This way there is no chance of them every becoming loose and airborne in a storm.

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