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Des Plaines, IL – Kitchen Floor

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Beautiful flooring can make a significant difference in the appearance of every room in your home. Each living area of your home meets different needs and choosing the right flooring can add to the comfort,value and beauty of every room. Mr. Serafin, was tired of dealing with the cheap vinyl flooring in his kitchen and called the experts at Xtreme Remodeling for a solution.

The experts at Xtreme remodeling know that being without a kitchen can be very inconvenient. Rather than extend the time it would take to complete the job, we enlisted a double crew to get the work done. Our goal was to insure that Mr. Serafin received the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. While one crew took care of the demolition required, the other crew installed cement boards which are the perfect subfloor for tile. By using a double crew we were able to complete all the necessary demolition and put in the entire subfloor in only one day!

On day two we began tile installation. Our experts knew that this part of the job cannot be rushed… perfect results require painstaking attention to detail. We completed the tile work in two days and returned on the fourth day to grout the tile and put the baseboards back in place.

Mr. Serafin could not believe that such a fantastic job could be completed so quickly with such outstanding results.

Xtreme Remodeling… we work hard to see you smile.

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