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Deck Builders Checklist

Posted on December 11, 2013 in Blog

rooftop decks chicagoSo here is the scenario. You are ready to start building your deck. The only problem is that you don’t understand a word in the manual. You have no idea on what to do. So guess what, you call a professional. You call a reputable company that everyone knows. This is the company that your friends have used from time to time. But how do you know that they are the best deck builders Chicago has to offer? How do you know that they are really as good as they say they are? Any company can claim that they are the best in their field, but it takes more than just saying these words to achieve this goal. It takes more than words to be the best deck builders Chicago has to offer.

Here are a few tips for the home owners, as well deck builders who are seeking your business.

1) How long have these deck builders been around? This is very important to consider when hiring a contractor. It takes a great deal of experience to work your way up in any sort of business. If they tell you that they have only been around for a few months, you may be better off going to someone else. As a contractor they need to get more experience.

2) Are they registered and licensed with the state. This is crucial. Some might go to them because they offer really low prices. But truthfully, this is a big mistake. If they aren’t registered with the state you, as a homeowner, can run into some really big problems. When in doubt, ask to see their licensing. If they are who they say they are, there should not be any issues with this.

3) Same goes for insurance. No one should be working with a contractor who is not insured. Nor should you be working with someone who doesn’t carry their insurance with them daily. So ask them for that too. You need to cover your bases. So do your homework and make sure that they are insured. As a guideline for the company, the first thing they should do is get this insurance.

4) References are something that you need to ask for as well. If a company doesn’t have references, than they need to get some. References provide valuable backup and resources for those looking to hire you. If your neighbor down the street wouldn’t hire you, than why would anyone else. So ask for their references. If you recognize anyone on the list, call them up and see what they have to say. Talking to a third-party can often times provide clarity that your eyes don’t have.

5) Do they have a warrant police or permits? Pretty much every reputable contracting company has one. In fact, it’s dangerous to do work without one. So ask for these things as well. It may seem like a lot of paperwork, but you need to protect yourself. When it comes to the legality of the situation, it’s not enough to say that you didn’t know.

6) Ask to see prior work that the company has done. Every contractor should have one. That will give you a sense of what they can do for you. Also, inquire as to how long it will take them to complete the job. No one can truly predict how long something will take. They should at least have a general idea of what to expect and how much it will be. If they don’t give you a general idea, than you may want to look elsewhere.

As a conclusion, there are many Chicago deck building companies; that specialize in rooftop deck building and construction services, yet, we are still providing great testimonials, videos, and before and after photos.

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