Does your house need some cosmetic work? It’s amazing how a beautiful new paint color can improve and modernize your home’s interior or exterior. It’s a big change that doesn’t require a big investment.

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Does your house need some cosmetic work? It’s amazing how a beautiful new paint color can improve and modernize your home’s interior or exterior and durable siding will prevent the need for repainting. It’s a big change that doesn’t require a big investment.

Xtreme Remodeling has expert painters to help you add drama, color and excitement to your home décor. Let our experts introduce you to the different interior textures and finishes that are available. Whether you want a freshly painted exterior to improve that all important curb appeal or a distinctive painting technique to add a finishing touch, the Xtreme Remodeling team has the answer you need for the change you want.

The experts at Xtreme Remodeling recognize the fact that choosing a color for your painting project can be overwhelming. Let a design expert help you narrow down your choices and pick a color or colors that best match your remodeling project. Choose vibrant colors for a lively or dramatic look, or choose beautiful muted shades for a relaxing atmosphere. Let us show you a big difference for a small investment.

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Xtreme Remodeling OF CHICAGO. Because we know that a small change can make a big difference.

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Expert Remodeling Tips Brought To You Courtesy Of: Xtreme Remodeling of Chicago

A carefully considered and expertly applied exterior or interior paint job will add tremendous value to your Chicago area home. Because a poorly chosen paint scheme can make an otherwise beautiful home appear out of date or emphasize any design flaws, it is crucial to enlist the help of a Chicago area interior and/or exterior paint professional before you make the mistake of attempting a potentially costly do it yourself project. Remember that the design of your home should be considered before choosing exterior paint colors and many historic areas mandate that only specific types of materials and color schemes can be used on the exterior of your Chicago area home.


Chicago Painting, Exterior painting

The most important rule is: Always choose an expert who knows which colors and materials can enhance the look of your home. Many people neglect to take into consideration the time that a painting project can consume when attempted as a do it yourself project. Make the most out of your valuable time and prevent costly and frustrating mistakes by choosing a professional Chicago painting contractor to do handle painting or siding requirements.

After you have decided on a color scheme and enlisted the professional help of a Chicago remodeling expert, there a quite a few options to consider when it comes to updating your Chicago home with that beautiful splash of color.

  1. Painting – is always an option but repainting every few years and lack of durability may be a good reason to look at some alternatives for the exterior color scheme of your home.
  2. Cement Fiber Siding – this type of siding can easily give the same look as masonry, wood and even stucco. If you want the look of wood but without the high maintenance factor this type of siding is an excellent option.
  3. Stucco Siding – stucco is basically a combination of cement and water and other materials such as lime and sand. Stucco is durable and can be tinted in many shades; however, in heavy moisture areas it is not as durable.
  4. Stone Veneer Siding – limestone, slate granite, river rock and many stone types are easily the most durable of any type of construction material. However, the high price of these materials can easily be price prohibitive. A precast stone veneer professionally installed can achieve the same effect at a much more affordable price point.
  5. Cedar Shingle Siding – constructed of beautiful natural cedar these shingles can be stained and offer the appealing look of wood but generally require less maintenance than wood clapboard. Because cedar shingles are stained rather than painted peeling is minimal.
  6. Wood Clapboard Siding – This is a beautiful choice for a larger home. Cypress, cedar, pine, redwood all make excellent choices and can be stained as well. Wood siding will outlast vinyl side with minimal care and potentially can remain beautiful for many years. Many older stately Chicago homes feature wood clapboard siding and have retained their beauty even after 100 years!
  7. Chicago Painting, Exterior painting

  8. Aluminum Siding – Fireproof and durable and used by many builders as an alternative to vinyl siding this is still a popular choice although often considered “old fashioned”. Aluminum siding won’t potentially crack as does vinyl siding and is popular for being a maintenance free option
  9. Vinyl Siding – Probably the least expensive material to purchase and install vinyl siding is a popular choice of many Chicago home owners’

There are other options to consider, brick veneer siding, engineered wood siding and even seamless steel siding are viable options. With the many options available it is important that you consult with a Chicago based painting and remodeling expert to help you navigate through the many choices and make the correct decision when it comes to adding paint or exterior color to your Chicago home.

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Chicago Painting, Room painting, interior painting

INTERIOR PAINTING – it’s not just flat looking one dimensional painting anymore! – Now more than ever you can save yourself a tremendous amount of time and money by enlisting the help of a professional painter in the Chicago area. Faux finishes, artistic murals and many more options are available to add beauty and design elegance to your Chicago home. The effects are stunning but attempting a do it yourself job can sometimes be far more complicated than you would think. Hiring an interior painting contractor, a painting contractor experienced working with painting techniques and knowledgeable about the paint colors that work best with your design choices will save you both time and money.

Because c color is the first thing most people notice about a room the right color choices can definitely make an impact whether you choose soft and soothing colors, bright colors, dark colors, warming earth tones or vibrant and exciting colors there is a palette for every taste. Collect paint strip samples and enlist the help of a professional interior painting contractor to make certain that you are considering the style and architectural elements of your home when choosing that very important paint color.

Not only are there a myriad of color choices but faux finish techniques can also add tremendous impact and value to your home interior if done correctly. Consider one of these finishes to take your home interior from boring to beautiful! A professional interior painting contractor can assist you with one of the following interior painting techniques.

Chicago Painting, Room painting, interior painting

  1. Color Washing – A thin coat of painting applied over a base coat adds softness and dimension to any painted surface.
  2. Marbleizing – Create a marbleized finish for any surface with this beautiful technique. Applied over a textured surface the looks and colors are endless and create a beautiful accent for your painted interior.
  3. Wood Graining – Using steel combs and artists brushes a professional painting contractor can simulate the appearance of real wood. A great choice for doors, decorative molding or mantles.
  4. Sponging – This versatile technique can be used for subtle to striking paint effects depending on the color of the base coat, the color and variety of glazes used, whether a glaze is flat or glossy and the depth of the application. Provides visual depth and a rich looking painted surface.
  5. Cloth Distressing – An extremely popular choice for many Chicago area home-this process utilizes a cloth to wipe on or off paint and create a “distressed” finish and is an excellent choice for hiding imperfections on a painted surface.
  6. Rag Rolling – This technique produces a beautifully rich looking finish when using a light base coat with a slightly darker glaze and is excellent for covering large surfaces.
  7. Stenciling – Don’t overlook the possibilities of an expertly painted stencil design Stenciling requires a professional touch and is an excellent choice to add character and personality to any room.

The possibilities for adding color, character and increasing the value of your Chicago area home with exterior painting and siding or interior painting and interior painting techniques are endless. Consult with a painting contractor today and discover the new look awaiting your home!

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