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The Kitchen: The heart of your home.
Xtreme Remodeling specializes in beautiful kitchens. Our expert kitchen remodeling teams understand that the kitchen is the heart of every home.

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Kitchen Remodeling Chicago

The Kitchen: The heart of your home.

Xtreme Remodeling Chicago specializes in beautiful kitchens. Our expert remodeling teams understand that the kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where your family gathers before the day begins, where they meet again at the end of a long day. It should be convenient, comfortable and welcoming. The Xtreme team offers a complete selection of materials to revamp your kitchen: Granite counter tops, marble. tile and natural stone, the latest in kitchen cabinetry, back splash tiles, hardware and lighting fixtures.

We combines their knowledge of industry trends, technology. and innovations with the best design team in Chicago!

The perfect kitchen begins with a consultation with one of our design experts. We know the questions to ask… questions that will help to determine your preferences… and we listen carefully to your responses to create the one that is both beautiful and efficient. We offer a complete range of remodeling options. We always consider efficiency, space requirements, comfort, beauty of design and your remodeling budget.

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  • Countertops. We specialize in beautiful granite countertops and offer a wide variety of the highest quality countertops. The array of options is extraordinary and we will help you find the countertop that suits your design vision perfectly.
  • Sinks and faucets. The sinks and faucets available today combine incredible functionality with beautiful design. We are familiar with the most up to date innovations and the best manufacturers. We help you to create a place that is not only a pleasure to use but a stunning addition to your home décor.
  • Tiles. For floors, a backsplash, a wall design or a counter, our tile experts will help you find the best color and design.
  • Flooring. From a variety of hardwoods, to laminates, tile, vinyl or stone we have the expertise and experience to help you find the perfect flooring option.
  • Cabinets. Function and beauty. We offer the highest quality cabinet choices combined with the newest storage solutions. No more cluttered cabinets, inability to locate that special utensil, or inefficient and unsightly storage solutions.

From the initial design to the smallest detail Xtreme Remodeling of Chicago will create a kitchen that combines excellent craftsmanship, remarkable beauty and do it on schedule for a great price.

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Expert kitchen remodeling tips brought to you courtesy of
Xtreme Remodeling of Chicago.


Thinking of remodeling the kitchen in your Chicago area home? Whatever your entertaining requirements, an ever increasing number of Chicago residents are opting to entertain at home. A beautiful and convenient one becomes especially important as the focus of the way we live changes to include much more home entertainment and an emphasis on the importance of a visually appealing and functional kitchen as a gathering place for family and friends.

Renovating a kitchen inevitably calls for expert planning and many decisions. Maintaining the style of your home, deciding what needs to be replaced and what can stay. It is always an excellent decision to allow a trained remodeling contractor to prevent costly and poorly planned renovation mistakes. The benefits of using a Chicago based remodeling contractor will definitely outweigh attempting such a large project on your own or hiring inexperienced sub-contractors to renovate it.
Remodeling is not only an excellent selling feature for your Chicago home but also will add years of enjoyment for you and your entire family.

Take the time to discover the many remodeling options available for you that can add so much to this extremely important room in your home. Consider cabinets, the type of countertops you envision and the storage needs you require from a kitchen remodel as well as the flooring you want for the perfect remodeling project.

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Kitchen Remodeling Chicago

The Most Important Feature Of Your Kitchen Remodeling Project.

A kitchen remodeling contractor will have access to the style of cabinets that best suits you and your renovation requirements. The following are just a few ideas that will help you as you decide upon your remodeling choices. Cabinets will comprise a big portion of your renovation budget and it is imperative that you consider your options and discuss all of your kitchen needs with your contractor.

  • An expert remodeler can be invaluable when it comes to choosing the style of your cabinets. It is important to remember that a kitchen remodel should blend seamlessly with the style of your home. A sleek modern looking one may seem ideal but many of the older homes in the Chicago require a more traditional look and feel to complement the style of the home and maintain architectural integrity.
  • Traditional style cabinets are available in an amazing array of finishes and varieties and often feature molding, panels or accents.
  • Contemporary cabinets can be a good addition but remember to maintain simple, clean lines to optimize a modern and uncluttered design style. Avoid the overly trendy styles which may hamper the resale value of your home when the trend goes out of style.
  • Your cabinets should always be the best quality that you can afford on your designated budget. The general rule is that the more durable the material or the thicker the material the better the quality. Warranties are available for your drawers and should have at least a 75 pound capability. Look for drawers that are not glued or stapled together. The goal is to choose the highest quality that your budget will allow to insure a beautiful and long lasting addition to your kitchen décor.
  • Cabinets are more than just decorative elements. There are numerous features that can be added to increase storage and convenience. Consider pull out shelving to help prevent location of a hard to find pan or utensil hidden in the back corner of you cabinet. Pull out shelves allow for quick and easy access to your various stored items. Think of built in wine racks or extra storage for pet food and large canisters or a rotating lazy susan style of shelving for spices or smaller items.
  • A cutting board countertop or a cutting board on a kitchen island can be used for cooking and it can also double as a convenient work center.

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Kitchen Remodeling Chicago

The choice of your kitchen floor can determine the style and look of your remodeling project. The following is just a sampling of the many choices available for your renovation project:

  • Marble – Elegant and beautiful but often very highly priced and not practical for a heavily trafficked one.
  • Wood – A great looking choice but requires moderate upkeep and can be damaged by water or steam.
  • Tile – Not as durable as many flooring options and not a good choice for pets and children.
  • Stone – Durable and sleek looking but can be slippery.
  • Linoleum – Many new finishes and styles make this a durable and practical choice.
  • Vinyl – The style options are endless and it is a very durable choice However if not installed proper it can peel.
  • Laminate – A great look and less expensive than a traditional wood floor, however contrary to popular belief, laminates can be damaged by water and are not entirely stain resistant.

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Following is a sampling of available choices:

Kitchen Remodeling Chicago

  • Granite Counters
    If budget constraints are not problematic granite is an excellent and very popular choice. Because of its high hardness rating it is an excellent investment. However sealing this material is very important as it can stain and if used for cutting can quickly dull even the sharpest knives.
  • Ceramic Tile
    Ceramic tile is long lasting and cleans beautifully as well as being inexpensive. It makes a great choice because of the wide variety of patterns and colors available and its ability to withstand heat. However, if the counter is not completely even cracking or chipping tile can become problematic.
  • Solid Surface
    Solid surface counters are available in an array of patterns colors, are stain resistant and scratches are easy to repair…just a little sanding is all that is required. However they are not immune to high heat and staining.
  • Wood or Butcher Block
    Wood countertops are truly gorgeous and available in many different types of finishes. They feature easy maintenance but need to be oiled or sealed and can be damaged by stains and excessive water.

As you may have discovered by now…kitchen remodeling can call for many decisions and it is always an excellent idea to contact a local remodeler with experience and integrity before you tackle a project that, if done correctly, will add years of value and convenience to your Chicago home.

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