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Chicago Kitchen Flooring – Part II

Posted on June 26, 2010 in Blog

Chicago Kitchen Flooring

However, laminate and vinyl flooring are not the only choices we offer. Other options in kitchen flooring are ceramic and hardwood. Ceramic for instance is great for adding class and is durable but it is not a good material to prevent stains. Ceramic is not good for pets and kids either; it is a slippery material and accidents due to wet ceramic floors are common. However, when it comes to looks, or maintenance, Ceramic does ensure a certain quality, which laminate or vinyl does not offer for the same low price. If you do not have any pets or young kids, choose ceramic flooring for a fine polish and a great finish that makes your kitchen radiate cleanliness.

Another type of flooring to consider is hardwood, which lasts long while offering some awe striking classic looks. However, wood of any form is susceptible to damage by water, which may cause warping and buckling and is also not good for radiant heat. Yet another disadvantage of hardwood is that it needs a special coating to protect it from stains; real hardwood is extremely vulnerable to stains. It is not great for kitchens because mold and fungi fester better in moist hardwood flooring. There are also the possibilities of carpenter ants, termites and other insect infestations.

Concrete floors are another terrible kitchen flooring material; good for radiant heat, thus safer but no more credibility as such. Linoleum however, is a great choice. Although it has fewer varieties of color options and is not a good heat radiant, its maintenance is simple and beneficial for long hours of standing since it is smooth and comfortable. Fats, oils and greases do little harm to it because it is easy to clean. Although linoleum is not the latest trend, it is now coming back in fashion right from the kitchen styles of your Granny’s times. However, to decide what will work for you within your budget, contact us today to get a free estimate. If necessary, we will personally have an expert come over, inspect and give you your budget options and suggestions.

On a final note; do not rely on advertisements, use your rationality to choose the right flooring material be it for the kitchen or the bedroom; we have solutions for every building task you may need. So do not hesitate to give us a call today for some professional help and service at a price you can afford.


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