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The Bathroom: An invigorating morning shower or a luxurious bath at days end. Chicago Xtreme Remodeling knows that the bathroom in your home should be beautiful, relaxing and luxurious.

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Bathroom Remodeling Chicago

The Bathroom: An invigorating morning shower or a luxurious bath at days end.

Chicago Xtreme Remodeling understands the importance of relaxation in today’s stressful world. We believe that the bathroom in your home should be beautiful, relaxing and luxurious. Custom made showers, a complete selection of granite countertops, solid surface, marble or mosaic tiles, bathroom vanities, fantastic fixtures… Xtreme Remodeling has the expertise to make an ordinary bathroom an extraordinary retreat. Renovating your bathroom can add a remarkable amount of comfort for a small investment… and add big value to your home. We offer a full range of innovative and creative bathroom solutions:

  • Bathtubs. an enormous selection. Whether your prefer opulence, minimalism or something in between, we will perfectly match your design requirements.
  • Steam, Custom Showers Saunas. Discover how you can add spa luxury to your bathroom. Let us help you customize the perfect shower experience.
  • Glass Shower Enclosures. Add spaciousness and an “open” feeling to your bath area with a shower enclosure or frameless glass shower door.
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  • Sinks and Faucet. The array of products now available is simply ….amazing. Allow our design experts to acquaint you with sinks and faucets that will make your bathroom one of the most stunning rooms in your home.
  • Bathroom Vanities. Combine elegance and practicality and add valuable storage with a state of the art vanity.
  • Heated Floor Tiles. No need to step onto cold tile the first thing in the morning. Heated floor tiles are surprisingly inexpensive and add such a touch of comfort and warmth.
  • Heated Towel Racks and bathroom mirror de-foggers. Add luxury and convenience to your bathroom and reward yourself with the soothing experience of warm towels and a bathroom mirror that is always clear after a steamy shower or bath.
  • Tile. The tile work in your bathroom can make the difference between bland and beautiful. Our tile craftsmen not only know their business they love creating beautiful designs and will help you to craft a statement making room.
  • Bathroom Lighting. Don’t allow improper lighting to ruin the effect of your stunning new room. Choosing the correct lighting will highlight your new room and prevent unnecessary shadow effects that detract from the ambience of your bathroom.

Chicago Xtreme Remodeling believe every element of your bathroom should convey comfort, warmth and luxury.

We create beautiful bathrooms, at affordable prices in record time.



Expert Bathroom Remodeling Tips Brought To You Courtesy Of:

Xtreme Remodeling of Chicago.

Chicago Bathroom Remodeling

The formerly simple and functional design of bathrooms has been replaced by a continually growing bathroom design trend in the Chicago area and elsewhere. Lavish amenities and alternatives are changing a plain one into a beautiful and restorative spa area. With the increased importance of the bathroom as a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, a proper remodeling will add tremendous value and a high rate of investment return to your Chicago area home. Most importantly, an expertly remodeled bathroom can result in up to 80%-90 % return on your home in the Chicago area and add years of comfort and convenience to your home owning experience.

There are some reliable indications that can help you determine when a bathroom remodeling is needed for your Chicago home. The following is a brief list of situations that should indicate that it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel for your home.

  • Is space limited and showering and bathing a less than pleasurable experience in your current bathroom?
  • Is it difficult to find enough storage space for grooming articles, towels and appliances such as hair dryers, and electric razors, toothbrushes, soap, bubble bath etc.?
  • Is your hot water supply limited and are you constantly concerned that you may be running out of hot water at any time?
  • Are the bathroom fixtures outdated and unattractive?
  • Is your shower or bathtub unappealing and less than inviting?
  • Is flooring lose, cracked, stained or missing?
  • Is the wall covering dated, crumbling or just unattractive and old fashioned?
  • Is your bathroom mirror cloudy and inconveniently located?

Chicago Bathroom Remodeling

Just one of the above situations is a good indication that a bathroom remodel is necessary and often there isn’t just one reason but several reasons to consider a bathroom remodeling job to add value and comfort to your home.

Your first consideration should be to hire a local Chicago bathroom remodeling contractor with experience and excellent credentials. The intricacies of plumbing and remodeling are extensive and attempting a do it yourself job can often cost you money and time. A do it yourself job can also frequently detract from rather than add to the value of your home. It is often extremely surprising to many people that hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor usually saves money over a do it yourself job. An excellent remodeling contractor and licensed plumber will save you headaches and unnecessary repairs of shoddily done work.


The following are a few size requirements that should always be considered. An experienced bathroom remodeling contractor will know how to best keep these requirements in mind as your remodeling project progresses.

  • The most common bath’s tub size is 30″ x 60″
  • At least a 15″- 18” space from the center of your sink to an shower stall is considered optimal
  • There should be at least 15″- 18” from the center of the bath’s sink to an adjacent wall for the most convenience and mobility.
  • Bath’ areas either tub or shower should have at least 15″-18’ from the toilets center to a wall.


A professional remodeling contractor will lend valuable insight when it comes to the often overwhelming choices that should be considered when a bathroom remodeling project is undertaken.


Chicago Bathroom Remodeling

  • What style of bathroom best suits the architectural style of the house you own? Do you own a beautiful old Victorian, a charming 1920’s bungalow, a super sleek loft or a comfortable mid-century ranch? A bathroom remodeling contractor will know what design elements best suit your home and will help to increase the value and comfort of your remodeling project.
  • Sinks – Do you want single bowl style or double bowl style and what shapes and colors work for your design concept? From under mount, to self rimming, pedestal or vessel sinks there is an incredible variety of choices available for this mandatory bathroom fixture. Considering the wide variety of home design styles in the Chicago area obtaining information from an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor will help immensely in the search for the style that will complement your home décor and meet the specific needs of your family.
  • Which type of lighting works best for your bathroom remodeling project? Is the bathroom used for make-up application or is a softer lighting style required to calm and soothe at the end of a hectic day? When remodeling a bathroom always take into consideration the daily amount of light available. The longer winter nights and brighter summer days that are experienced in Chicago require lighting that is the best for these significant changes in available daylight. LED lighting is an increasingly popular lighting option for Chicago dwellers that you may wish to consider for your remodeling project. Led lighting provides true to life lighting and the best results for makeup application, shaving and hair styling.
  • Cabinets and vanities… what size requirements will work for you and what type of features will need to be included for optimum storage needs and convenience?. Don’t forget the excellent additions to cabinets such as pull out and rotating shelves that can make storage a breeze instead of a nightmare.
  • Countertop materials – A professional remodeler will be able to guide you through the often bewildering array of choices available. Marble, laminate, and tile are just a few of the choices available. A professional will also help you to choose colors and materials that best reflect the effects you desire for your bathroom remodeling job.
  • Shower size, shower features and shower door choices are features you need to consider. Special features such as a relaxing steam shower can be an excellent choice that will add value and appeal to your remodeling project.
  • Style and finish of your bathroom fixtures such as towel holders and toilet paper holders
  • Mirrors and tile accents for shower and tub enclosures and countertop.
  • Flooring. Laminate, tile, vinyl, marble and many other options. Heated bathroom floors are a great addition to your bathroom remodeling project and add a valuable feature during those cold Chicago winters.

Always choose an expert bathroom remodeling contractor to assist you with the choices necessary to make when remodeling your bathroom to ensure years of enjoyment and value to your Chicago area home.


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