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Chicago Bathroom remodeling & Kitchen remodel part2

Bathrooms can quickly become outdated because of the newer and more luxurious showers and bathtubs that are constantly being improved. Bathroom remodeling can update the bathroom and make your experience in the bathroom more enjoyable. Because bathrooms are typically the smaller rooms in the home the updates that are involved in a bathroom remodel typically involve replacing the older appliances and flooring with newer and improved versions. One of the new ways to update your bathroom is with heated tile flooring. Instead of those old bathroom tiles they can be replaced with bathroom tiles that are heated so your feet will never again walk upon a chilly bathroom floor. Another aspect that can improve your bathroom in a remodel is to replace your old shower with a body shower system. Instead of one overhead shower these newer showers have several body jets on the shower walls that hit many areas of the body. This aspect of remodeling creates a more enjoyable bathroom without sacrificing space.

If space is an issue in the current bathroom there are also ways to create the feeling of a more open bathroom by installing skylights or adding windows. If the current bathroom has dark tile and cabinetry replacing the darker colors with lighter colored tile and cabinetry can help to open it up and make it feel more spacious. A bathroom remodel can also make a bathroom look more cohesive in style while increasing the amount of storage space in the room by incorporating custom designed cabinetry systems that are built into the walls. If your current bathroom is lacking in storage space a bathroom remodel can utilize the wall space with custom built cabinets and shelving. Instead of keeping bathroom items in the linen closet down the hallway custom designed cabinet systems can bring a storage solution into the bathroom itself.

The functionality of your home can be improved with a bathroom and kitchen remodel. Remodeling and updating kitchens and bathrooms in Chicago suburbs homes including the areas of Mount Prospect, IL, Des Plaines, IL, Highland Park, IL, and Winnetka can also increase the value of the home. If you are thinking of selling your home remodeling the kitchen or bathroom is a great way to increase the value of the home.

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