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Basement Remodeling Chicago

Posted on June 17, 2010 in Blog

Basement Remodeling Chicago

Basement remodeling is a difficult thing to undertake on your own. Imagine installing sheetrock, taping and floating, painting and decorating on your own – and you’re not a general contractor. Imagine having an electrician take you for a ride, or a plumber who requires half a job’s payment and then never shows up again when you need them. You can feel safe and secure when you choose us.

Our experts will help you with your ideas of a basement remodel and make them come to life. From having a home office, a movie theater, a professional looking bar or a better place to store your memories, we can make it happen.

The ins and out of having a professional looking home office is difficult. From setting up the phones to refinishing the concrete floor, there are limitless choices and literally hundreds of decisions to be made. From décor to technicalities, we can help you figure out what the overall design is that you need.

With any good remodel, an assessment of the space needs to be made. Most basements have concrete flooring that can be utilized a number of ways; materials for flooring are endless. For your home office, sturdy flooring is necessary and you may benefit from a simple concrete polishing or stain. Leaving the concrete floor will allow your chairs to easily roll across the floor without having to add much else. You may also choose from wood flooring with traditional or eco-friendly options like Brazilian hardwood, Tigerwood, or go green with Bamboo flooring. Of course, the decision on flooring would be according to your plans, call us today to find out other possibilities.

What could be more fun than a home movie theater in your basement? With or without children, your own private theater is yours to design. Let us help you soundproof, insulate and build the stage for your large screen TV or house your projection system so it feels like a real movie theater. We can help you develop a plan to create that honor to old movies and the first movie theater. There are design possibilities our experts know that you probably haven’t considered yet. Make use of our vast knowledge on remodeling and creating a unique space to suit you and your family.

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