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Basement Remodeling Chicago – Part II

Posted on June 19, 2010 in Blog

Basement Remodeling Chicago – Part 2

Create your own bar area, complete with jukebox, pool table and a fully equipped bar. You find all the pieces and we can help you create the den or man cave you’ve always wanted, but your wife never let you have. Now you have the space for it, even if you were banished to the basement. That vintage leather covered bar and brand new modern pool table can fit in the same space in harmony and we can help you figure out how to bring in one cohesive design through architectural accents, space division and paint selections.

If all you want is to spruce up a basement that’s been left alone for too long, we can help you do that, too. Create sections for holiday storage, clothing storage and sorting storage, it’s up to you. Bring in a place to play for your children with the proper built-in storage for all their toys – or yours. A family room is simple when you choose us to help you create all those custom pieces you’ve been looking for.

If all you’ve ever wanted was stopped short when you realized your basement needed a full remodel, there’s no more reason to worry now that you’ve found us. We’ve done basement remodeling on a regular basis and are comfortable helping you achieve your dreams, even if your basement is currently in shambles.

Creating a space your entire family will love is something every family wants, but sometimes it’s just a little past their knowledge. Don’t be duped into choosing a contractor that will leaving you hanging day after day, misinform you just so you will pay them more or will just never show up. Our company is reliable, professional and educated in every aspect of the basement remodel. All of your questions can be directed at us and if we don’t know how to answer them, we will find the answer for you. Everything in your imagination is possible; seek confidence in and great work with us, every step of the way.

Contact us today for estimates, assessments and general ideas and tips. Your basement can be the recreational room, office or family room you’ve always wanted it to be. You can section off your basement to accommodate more than one activity, like a home office and a theater in one with extra storage in back and a bathroom, too. Basements have multiple uses and there is immeasurable potential in such a space. If you’re having a hard time knowing where to start on your basement remodel, call us now and we can help you begin your basement remodeling project no problem.

Sun room chicago

Sun room chicago

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