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After years of working in the home remodeling business we decided there was a need for a remodeling company that combined superior craftsmanship, affordability and excellence in customer service in the Chicago area.

We believed that in the fast paced world of home remodeling that customer priorities and attention to superior craftsmanship were often overlooked.

We combined over 30 years of experience and brought together the most highly skilled remodeling team in the Chicago area.

We knew that that by combining our years of experience with a commitment to excellence that we would develop a reputation for excellent customer service and superior workmanship.


Xtreme Remodeling Chicago, IL - Why we are your best remodeling choice.

We are remodeling experts offering a full line of remodeling services in the Chicago Area. Xtreme Remodeling Company offers residents of Chicago a complete range of remodeling services.

Xtreme Remodeling has brought together an outstanding group of experienced remodeling experts in every field to help you attain your vision of the perfect home.

Xtreme Remodeling is one of the fastest growing businesses in Chicago...
for some very good reasons:

Chicago Xtreme Remodeling

"There is no doubt in my mind that for all of us at Xtreme Remodeling, the most gratifying part of our work is the smile on a customers face when they see that we have delivered the highest quality of work, on time, for a fair price."

Rafal Trojan
Founder and Owner of Xtreme Remodeling

Rafal Trojan had a dream when he started his construction company...
To combine talent, hard work and integrity to meet and understand each of his customers needs and to deliver superior work on schedule for a fair price using only the best craftsmen and material available.

Rafal Trojan has extensive experience in all phases of the construction industry. During his childhood he closely observed his parents work as they built three beautiful houses. As he watched, he learned the importance of hard work and that excellent quality was the foundation for excellent results. He quickly determined that there is no substitute for superior craftsmanship and taking pride in work done well. As he made these observations, he realized exactly what he wanted to do with his life...to offer people happiness and satisfaction by doing excellent construction work. He went to work in the construction and remodeling business and worked for six years to gain a thorough understanding of how to work efficiently and to learn what was necessary to deliver customer satisfaction by delivering top quality work.

Mr. Trojans constant observations and hard work were an invaluable lesson. He came to understand that truly professional quality work was possible but to create that quality work specific guidelines were mandatory.

Remembering the expression, "A jack of all trades is the master of none", Mr. Trojan quickly determined that to be successful, all workers involved on any project must be completely dedicated to their specific craft. Each worker, be it an electrician, a painter, or a builder, must have a true passion for their specific profession and a heart for doing the best work possible. Mr. Trojan learned very quickly:

  • That to be an excellent craftsman you must love what you do.
  • That only the use of the highest quality materials would guarantee the best quality results.
  • That to satisfy customers all work must be done by only expert craftsmen.
  • That all work must be completed on schedule.

His dream then became to build a construction company that combined these values. He assembled the best workers, the best material and started a remodeling business in the Chicago area that would understand the customer needs, offer the best quality work and to do that work on schedule.

His dream became a reality.

Starting with five employees his company has grown to include a design studio, architects and a continually growing number of employees. His company continues to grow due to the positive response of his customers throughout the Chicago land area. People quickly responded to his reputation for hard work, quality and great results delivered on time. Thanks to the great response of his customers, Xtreme Remodeling continues its growth.

The Xtreme Team.

Why Our Customers Notice The Difference:

Rafal Trojan knew from his experiences in the construction world that many companies had forsaken quality work for shoddy performance and a quick profit. He knew that superior work, an ability to meet customer needs in a time sensitive manner and a commitment to excellence would create a successful company... and he was right.

  • He insisted on hiring only the finest employees. Workers who loved their craft and took pride in the satisfaction of their customers.
  • He realized that using the best quality materials guaranteed the best possible results.
  • He knew that completing jobs in a time sensitive manner was imperative to customer satisfaction.

Xtreme Remodeling never compromises on quality and neither should you.

What Rafal Trojan knew would make his company a success:

  • All employees must love their work, have a passion for their profession and take satisfaction from the happiness that their excellent craftsmanship creates for each and every customer.
  • That to obtain excellence a construction company needs expert employees not sub-contractors.
  • The majority of companies' today use sub contractors and Rafal Trojan observed that this practice contributes to inferior work and unhappy customers. A company that uses sub-contractors makes money by hiring the least expensive contractor, who in turn uses the least expensive poorest quality materials and the most poorly paid workers. This frequently means that an owner does not have control over the quality of work performed. Rafal Trojan knew that this practice would never work for an owner who is committed to insuring that all work done by his company is completed to his exacting standards.
  • That all employees must meet stringent qualifications which include background checks, review of work capabilities and a commitment to excellence as exhibited by their work history.

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