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10 Best Ideas for Room Additions in Chicago

Posted on September 25, 2010 in Blog

10 Best Ideas for Room Additions in Chicago

Adding room additions can often be the perfect solution for many different space problems that people commonly experience. Whether a new baby has arrived or an elderly parent needs your attention, people often choose to add extra rooms to their existing homes instead of purchasing a different home. There are several ideas for Chicago room additions that can provide extra space to meet anyone’s needs.

1. Dormer Additions
Dormer additions allow for more space on second or higher story levels. They provide not only extra light upstairs with better air circulation, but also enhance curb appeal.

2. Bathroom Additions
Adding a master bathroom as a room addition not only increases home value, but can be a better selling point if planning on moving in the future. Today’s master bathrooms can be custom designed according to personal preference. Create your perfect bathroom by perhaps choosing a whirlpool bathtub, corner shower, private water closet and a double vanity.

3. Kitchen Expansion Additions
If your current kitchen is too small or not laid out well Chicago room additions can enlarge it and improve the existing layout plan. Whether you want a gourmet kitchen or a large area for gatherings, we can get it done.

4. Family Room Additions
If families need a larger area for their immediate family, oftentimes adding an extra room can provide plenty of space for the entire family to enjoy together.

5. Bedroom Additions
Many people add bedrooms on to their existing homes to accommodate new family members or when the need arises to care for an elderly loved one.

6. Above Garage Additions
Looking for a hobby room or perhaps just a private place to spend some time alone? Oftentimes adding a room above a garage can easily achieve this.

7. Sunroom Additions
Adding a sunroom to any home adds beauty and charm. Choosing these types of additions can provide additional warmth and sunshine as well as offering plenty of light to areas that lack these conditions.

8. Upstairs Additions
Just about any home can expand with the choice of an upstairs addition. When land is limited forlbuilding outwards, going upwards is often the perfect solution.

9. Deck Additions
Decks have become very popular in the recent years as they provide wonderful space for outdoor gatherings.

10. Porch Additions
Adding a front or back porch can easily be done to provide sitting areas to accommodate a small amount of people to larger porches that provide space for many individuals.

No matter what your needs may be, Chicago room additions can provide expert design and installation for the extra rooms you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t hesitate to call us today at (312) 71-XTEAM for a free estimate.


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